Send FAX from your android phone

Every one needs to send 1-2 faxes … a year. For those times when you really need access to a FAX machine, FilesAnywhere is there to help you out.

Its primarily a file storage and sharing platform with gig of free space.

To send a FAX,

  • Create the document in Google Docs or any office app
  • Download it as a PDF
  • Upload it to the FilesAnywhere app
  • Send the file as a FAX to any number, worldwide.

Camscanner is another amazing app.

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10 comments on “Send FAX from your android phone
  1. carlos says:

    Great post!! Big thank´s :)

  2. droid says:


  3. rifus says:

    Faxing becomes more mobile, it is really convenient for people that are on the move. I personally use it from an android phone.

  4. carlos says:

    ohhh fax not work for free account´s :(

  5. droid says:

    Fax works on free accounts. Look for it in the details tab on a file.

  6. chadwick says:

    unable to download app…nowhere to be found

  7. gcdnamrs says:

    Most of these fax applications have a warning that they can access data on my phone. What is the risk, is there a way to avoid this occuring.

  8. dena says:

    I just tried the app and it works great and no extra charges thanks for posting here great app for the droid

  9. Glen says:

    Just downloaded and tried this app … WOW .. that all I have to say …WOW .. works great.

  10. vivala says:

    it feels nice to fax important documents to the internet.

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