Life gets busy. Stay on top of your world. Download Google Keep.

Google Keep is a notetaking tool, lets you save whats on your mind.

Video: Google Keep

  • Checklists
  • Photos
  • Syncs across devices
  • Accessible online
  • Dictate to it

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Let em know when you’ll be there. Android style!

Twist lets your friends know when you’ll be there.

Here’s how it works:

  • Just tell Twist where you’re going and who you’re meeting
  • It starts your trip when you start moving at velocity
  • Accounts for traffic and doesn’t drain your battery
  • SMS/Email’s the other person when you’ll get there
  • They can track you on a map by clicking the email link ala Google Maps latitude

No more “How far are you?” calls.

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Great pictures aren’t taken, they’re made

Edit pictures in style, thanks to Snapseed, the picture editor from Google.

Browse through the image gallery to see some samples.


  • Basic adjustments: tune, straighten and crop
  • Creative filters: drama, black & white, and vintage that you can apply individually or in combination
  • Control Point technology: selectively enhance your photo—to brighten just a face or deepen just the sky
  • Post to Google+ and other services

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What was the net effect of the Niantic Project?

Google is now getting into gaming, with catchy marketing and a game called Ingress. Play in the real world, on your android.

Check out Ingress.

Ingress is in the play store, but you will need and invite to get in.

Meanwhile, checkout FieldTrip, another Niantic app.

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Google Maps Zooming Tips

Think you know Google Maps on Android?

A few Google Maps zooming tips that you might not know:

  • Double-tap or pinch to zoom in (obvious)
  • Tap once with two fingers (good one) or spread two fingers to zoom out
  • Double-tap and hold finger and slide left to right to continuously zoom (awesome!)
  • Two finger swipe down or up to tilt

If you are on a PC, checkout Google Maps Photo Tours: Photo Tour

Craving for more? Try the World Wonders Project.

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See pigs fly

Bad Piggies – A new game from the creators of Angry Birds.

Now you play from the Pigs point of view and help them fly.

Who said all piggies are bad anyway?

Featuring: The Mechanic Pig

  • This little piggy will build it for you and get you started.
  • Mechanic pig pre-assembles the transport for you.
  • All you have to do is pilot it.
  • Tweak his design to get all three stars.

Video: Bad Piggies

Get the piggest game ever!

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Save news anywhere and “listen” to it on the go

Pocket, a previously paid article bookmarking app called Read it Later, is now free.

It has a killer feature, just for Android. You can “listen” to the articles on the go.

Thanks to Android’s architecture, most mobile news apps support pocket, including Pulse, Google Currents, Flipboard & Zite.
Look up these app if aren’t familiar with them.

Check it out: Pocket

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Turn your videos into awesome edited movies

Magisto converts your lengthy, uncut videos into awesome edited movies.

It works by recognizing faces, people and scenery in the movies, picks the best parts and edits them together with beautiful transissions.

Automatic video editing at your touch!

Heres how you do it:

  1. Pick videos
  2. Select soundtrack (pick a non-record audio if uploading to youtube)
  3. Add title … thats it.

Example video: SF Flyover

More about Magisto

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Don’t type, write your search

Google Search now supports handwriting.

* Open on your phone and browse to preferences
* Enable handwrite and hit save
* Now, touch the wiggly google icon at the bottom
* You are off to the races

Google Handwrite

While you are at it, write 2+2 to see a calculator popup.

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New game from the creators of Angry Birds

Meet Amazing Alex!

This kid can turn anything into an amazing adventure, a skill that’s crucial to understanding the secret to happiness.

If you love chain reactions, you will find this game amusing.

Video: Amazing Alex

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