Manage hidden settings to improve battery life

Auto Wifi allows you to enable Wifi only at your home or office. Disabling Wifi automatically when you are not in range helps conserve your phones battery life.

Also, install the power widget to shutoff 4g when you don’t need it.

Setting the brightness to the lowest level possible could help with battery life too.

Be sure to list other android battery saving tips in the comments.

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4 comments on “Manage hidden settings to improve battery life
  1. droid says:

    Spare Parts

  2. william says:

    let me ask if perhaps a foolish question ~ “spare parts” above the link doesn’t work and with over 2,000 reads on this post there actually are none? ERGO I AM SEARCHING FOR THE ANSWER TO THE TITLE “HOW TO MANAGE HIDDEN SETTINGS TO IMPROVE BATTERY LIFE”

  3. droid says:

    Links pointing to market:// will work only on your Android phone.

  4. droid says:

    Screenshots added.

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