View currently running applications

Click “Home” button for a few seconds on your phone. At-most six recent applications should show up neatly stacked.

From Android 4.0, you can flick the running apps to the right to stop them.

You can also control the running apps in system settings. Be sure to review this list often to keep your phone running smoothly.

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11 comments on “View currently running applications
  1. Not convinced says:

    Are you sure that applications cannot be closed?

  2. droid says:

    Yes, the apps cannot be closed, android offers intelligent app management.

  3. Phineas says:

    What does “intelligent app management” mean? Does the seventh app automatically close, no matter what it is, when displaced by a new sixth app? Or what?

  4. James Ots says:

    It means that when the system is running out of memory, programmes are closed which aren’t in use. But because (well written) android programmes save their state when closed, you shouldn’t be able to tell it was closed when you next use it. The developer website explains it in more detail:

  5. Keion says:

    Yes apps can be closed, it can be done within the application manager under setting.

  6. Testing AIR and Flash Player …
    who knows?
    get an android @google?
    In Brazil?

  7. anon says:

    These are recently used apps not running apps.
    If you use a Task Killer, these still appear as recent apps.

  8. shree says:

    The people who fix it, never tells how they did it. It will be of help to others.

  9. Sarath Joseph says:

    Advanced App Killer is an awesome app for this.

  10. Sashidhar says:

    With Android v2.3 this can be solved. Seeing the battery usage on my HTC Desire I decided to move to 2.3 and now the battery backup is wonderful. (Moving to 2.3 version is not officially available on HTC and deciding to move was at my own risk).

    With version 2.3 you can use the back button (hold it for alonger suration like 2 seconds) and the application is killed immediately.

  11. Andy says:

    Thank you so much. Such a simple sllution, but saved me a bunch of time.

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