Free, simple screen sharing removes the pain from screen sharing. Even your grandma should be able to share her screen with you. (Not that you would want her to.)

Here’s what you do:

  • After downloading the app, direct your colleagues to to start a meeting.
  • Once they “Share” their screen, it generates a secure nine-digit meeting code.
  • You type that into your app and you see their screen. It offers a dial-in number too.
  • Phone too small? If you have a pc nearby, just click on the link from your friend. Voila, you see their screen! Nothing to install.

Very useful if you want to offer tech support to your grandma.

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2 comments on “Free, simple screen sharing
  1. Droid says:

  2. Dylan says:

    I wish it was the other way arround..So I can screen capture my phone with my computer, I make how-to videos and the other ways, you have to refresh the image, everytime you click the screen.

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