Browser tips

Keep the zoom button pressed to set the display/font size that you are comfortable with.

I use the trackball a lot with the browser set to landscape mode. It allows you to browse with out opening the keyboard. The menu keys proximity to the trackball makes browsing easier.

If opening the keyboad to browse is your thing, you can use alt+scrollball to fast scroll.

Double touch an area on the browser and the page centers to that area.

Click shift button and use the scrollball to select an area starting with the cursor.

Use Menu+X to Cut, Menu+V to Paste in text fields. Oh, Menu+C is copy.

New windows can be set to open in the background so that you don’t have to look at loading screens. Long press trackball on a link to see more options for that link, including open in a new window.

Doubleclick on the trackball twice to show the entire page and the magnify too.

Use google reader!

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